Sunday, March 21, 2010

Armorial Ex Libris VIII

The Dutch heraldic artist Daniel de Bruin (1950- ) is unconventional in his art. The coat of arms designed by him has challenged many heraldists, being often three-dimensional with shades and palmy figures far from the orthodox flat style. Another peculiarity is that he has many personal bookplates with heraldic connection but none with his own coat of arms and none drawn by him. The plate for David Robert Wooten is typical for de Bruin, was made in 2003 and printed in offset in four colors (ill.16).

Two bookplates with heraldic objects in a milieu deserve to be shown. The German heraldist Lothar Müller Westphal (1941- ) has made a nice ex libris for himself relaxed and naked sitting, reading and smoking with his right arm resting on the shield and with the helmet on his left knee (ill.17). The legend "Us mingem Böcherschaaf" is in Niederrheinisch and the printing method is offset. The other ex libris is a wood engraving by Frank-Ivo van Damme (1932- ) from Belgium who is not a heraldist (ill.18). It was engraved in 1988 and shows in an unorthodox way the coat of arms of Etienne De Ryck and the municipal hall of Lier.


  1. Wow, those are really nice designs. I'd like to have the talent to make those kind of drawings. Anyways, I love your blog. Thank you so much for posting.

  2. RIP Daniel. A truly talented heraldic artist. He is a huge loss to the heraldic community.