Sunday, March 21, 2010

Armorial Ex Libris VII

The most famous Swedish heraldic artist Jan Raneke (1914- ) has made hundreds of ex libris. The plate for Folke Lindskog (1916-1999), a business man in Gothenburg, was drawn in 1980 and printed in P1/4 (ill.13). The linden leaves in the shield refer to his surname.

Dipl-Ing, Dr. Zdenko G. Alexy (1922- ) is a Slovakian heraldist who has made many ex libris in color. The plate for the German heraldist Johannes Krölls (1931- ) was made in 1981 and is printed in P1/7 (ill.14).

The Swedish heraldic artist Jacques de Wærn (1927- ) is represented here by an ex libris for me, president of the Swedish Ex libris Society (ill. 15). Below the shield are the two Royal medals of the Pro Patria Society and the Patriotic Society. And for the first (?) time in an ex libris the medal ribbons of the owner are shown.

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