Sunday, March 21, 2010

Armorial Ex Libris X

The fact that the common ex libris of today is the paper ex libris to be pasted into the book does not mean that the super ex libris or supralibros are not used nowadays. A modern super ex libris is seen in illustration 21. It belongs to me and shows the shield of his arms and behind those two batons in saltire of the heraldists of the Order of Carpenters and the Order of Par Bricole respectively. It is designed in 2001 by the young Swedish heraldic artist Magnus B├Ąckmark (1974- ) and is impressed in gold on the outside of the front cover of a book.

Today the armorial ex libris is experiencing something of a revival, the future looks fine for heraldry with several people commissioning armigerous ex libris. There are now many young heraldic artists offering fresh design interpretations.

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