Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jazz and Ex Libris -- An Introduction III

The Ex Libris lies closer to the heart and soul. It is also a way of expressing gratitude for jazz music, and all it does for us. It touches our lives so individually and intimately, mends the soul and allows the mind to recharge itself.

With these ideas about Jazz and Ex Libris, one wonders if there are any Ex Libris made for some famous jazz musicians and artists. Hopefully the answer is "Yes", and these are begging to be found. I hope that performing artists will be inspired to create their own Ex Musicis - their fans would surely appreciate these. This would be a very special touch and certainly collectible. So would Ex Libris bearing the name of bands, orchestras, or names of places, festivals, revivals, not to mention those that celebrate a new recording release. All these possibilities and the sky is the limit.

We have also seen jazz as an art form used to emphasize and dramatize movies, animation, documentaries and even advertising on television. It brings out the groove, the rhythm and mood of an otherwise dull presentation. Thus becoming a synthesis of vision and sound.

The Ex Libris for those who love Jazz should serve the purpose of a visual reminder of the music one loves. Seeing the Jazz Ex Libris should bring back memories and echoes of the tunes we’ve heard, the voices sung, the beat and the wail of the trumpet or saxophone, or the concluding Grand Finale of a session.

In conclusion it must be stated that the inspiration for writing this "introduction" was the desire to awaken the young people, the aspiring musicians and the readers to take some of these ideas; to make it their vision as well as the inspiration to express them. Hopefully, these introductory ideas will prompt your interest and appreciation for Jazz Ex Libris and Ex Musicis.

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