Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jazz and Ex Libris -- An Introduction II

It could also be a tribute to a certain musical number or a riff that somehow stays with you forever. Or maybe the little drawing or doodle you did on a napkin at the club, that came from the inspiration from a tune played that touched your heart and soul at the moment. And it does not matter if the feeling was love, sorrow or anger - you were inspired and you expressed yourself.

So if Jazz is good for you and good to you, if you care about what you hear and what it says to you, if you are a musician, a dancer or a listener, whether you are at a festival, a show or a club, at a jam session in an empty church, an elevator, or in your car, if you love the books you own about jazz, take it a step farther and make an Ex Libris for yourself, for the band you are in or the club you belong to.

The Jazz Ex Libris can be made in many ways, depending on your budget. On the high end one can hire a well-known artist to design the graphics for you. If it is done as an etching or engraving or a linoleum cut and colors, it can be pricey. And it must be emphasized here that these are the kind that collectors want and will wish to trade for. Less expensive and desirable are ones that are generated by computer, but these are common and very affordable.

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  1. These are the best Ex librises I've ever seen! They have idea and the performance is refined! Everything what's necessary for a good ex libris.