Friday, August 28, 2009

Six Bookplates by David Frazer II

If you go down to the woods tonight you're in for a big surprise. Artist John Hart and his fellow bears involve themselves in fun rituals ... big and hairy ... wearing the same tribal uniform, sometimes not! John Hart's constant companion Ralph barks with pagan delight as a good time is had by one and all. Deep inside Ralph's canine mind is a hope that the next life will deliver him to Paradiso.

Some of the author's immediate family are represented here too. Katherine N. Littlewood, affectionately known as Kitty, is a multiple published author in her own field of expertise. Every now and then (and more often in conversation) David Frazer's egocentric sense of humor surfaces in his art work. Interestingly, the artist has put himself in as an author and collaborator of imaginary book titles from the subject's library. The bookplate for Caitlin Littlewood reflects the joy of childhood. Sometimes parental ambition for a child is blind to the notion that a child should enjoy their childhood by simply being a child. The image of the Skipping Girl comes from a landmark in Melbourne, Victoria, where this neon sign sits on the roof of a building that once was the 'Skipping Girl Vinegar' factory.

A critical comment may be mentioned: "David Frazer`s ex libris are some of the most beautiful designs I have seen in my life. They are very, very beautiful - an enjoyment for the senses and the eyes … sensitively full of strength and beauty engraved in a tree. He is really a great artist and Australia can be proud!" -- Ingeborg Kunze–Jørgensen, Curator, Frederikshavn Museum of Art and Ex Libris Collection, Frederikshavn, Denmark.

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